Corail, Koraal, Koral, Korál, Koralas, Koralldjur, Koralle, Korallid, Virágállatok, San hô, Κοράλλι, Коралл, Корал, 珊瑚,
산호, サンゴ, אלמוגים, مرجان

Commonly known      rarer (so called collectors stones)      very rare (rarities)      relatively rare organic material

Formula of the lime structures: CaCO3
Mineral class: carbonates
Crystal system: trigonal
Mohs scale: 3 - 4
Density (g/cm3): 2.6 - 2.7
Refractive index: 1.486 - 1.658
Colors: white, rose, red, blue, black
Fluorescence: slight
Pleochroism: -
Largest Coral: Black Coral up to 3m.
Deposits: worldwide oceans
Name: from the Greek word "korállion"

Red Coral

On this page you don't find photos of corals and coral-jewelry because corals are threatened by mankind.
The more people ask for precious corals the more reefs will be damaged.

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