Bazziet, Bazzit, Bazzita, Баццит, 硅鈧礦, バッツィ石

Commonly known      rarer (so called collectors stones)      very rare (rarities)      relatively rare organic material

Formula: Be3(Sc,Fe)2Si6O18
Mineral class: silicates
Crystal system: hexagonal
Mohs scale: 6.5 - 7
Density (g/cm3): 2.77 - 2.85
Refractive index: 1.602 - 1.637
Cleavage: poor
Colors: blue (azur, light - dark)
Luster: vitreous
Fluorescence: -
Pleochroism: greenish yellow - azur blue
Largest crystal: 2 cm?
Deposits: Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Norway, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, USA
Discovery: 1915 (A. E. Bazzi)
1st Description: 1915 (Artini)
Name: to honor Alessandro E. Bazzi (1892 - 1929), discoverer of the mineral.

Bazzite Mineral

Size: 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.8 cm

Origin: Kent Massif / Karaganda Obl. / Kazakhstan

Photo by kind permission of ©
Bazzite Mineral

Bazzite Mineral

Size of the crystal: 0.25 cm

Origin: Baveno / Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Prov. / Piedmont / Italy

Photo (collection D. Preite) by kind permission of © Matteo Chinellato
Bazzite Mineral

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